Hireology Training Chapter 2: Opening a Job

Once you get your account set up and configured, it's time to begin defining the jobs you need filled and sourcing for them. This video will walk you through everything you need to know about opening up a job. Included in this video, we will review:

  • How to open up a job using an existing job profile (minutes 1:00-6:20)
    - Creating/adjusting a job title
    - Choosing a location
    - Creating/adjusting your job description
    - Other Job Details: assigning a hiring manager, showing the job on your career site, creating a blind posting
    - Hiring Steps: creating your consistent process
    - Previewing your job
    - Posting your job to the job boards

  • Updating your Job Status: open, close, delete (minutes 6:20-6:35)

  • Assigning Team Members to your job (minutes 6:35-6:58)

  • Refreshing your job to maximize exposure while recruiting (minutes 6:58-7:20)

  • Sharing Your Job to social media sites and emailing directly to a candidate (minutes 7:20-7:57)

  • Making edits once your job is open (minutes 7:57-8:25)

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