Can I order testing in different languages?

Hireology offers three different kinds of assessments. Findly/SkillCheck is our hard skills assessment partner. Caliper is our job fit/personality assessment partner, and DiSC is a great post-hire assessment to get an idea about what makes a new hire tick. Some of the assessments within Hireology can be administered in languages other than English.

For all Caliper assessments, you have your choice between English and Spanish. If you need to adjust the settings to Spanish, you can do so by clicking the language dropdown under the Caliper heading.

Some, but not all Findly/SkillCheck/hard skills tests can be administered in Spanish.

You can find these assessments towards the end of the menu once you select a category. The titles of the assessment will be in Spanish or have "SU" at the beginning.

At this time, DiSC assessments can only be sent out in English.

Last Update: 5/2/2019

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