Can I take notes while I'm conducting an interview?

With every interview, we give you ample space to ensure that you have what you need to take as many notes as possible about the candidate.

We know that you may interview tens, if not hundreds of candidates for a given role and having notes to go back to later to remind yourself why you liked (or didn't like) a particular candidate is crucially important.

Every question will come with it's own field to type out the candidate's response or notes about their response. We also give you a "Notepad" to record other thoughts or feelings about the candidate to the lefthand side of the page.

This is great if you have thoughts after the interview that you'd like to record but they don't necessarily pertain to any of the questions you asked or if you want to type out a quick summary of the conversation so you don't have to go through the notes for every question. Using the notepad is a great way to keep yourself organized while also giving any of your other fellow hiring managers a quick way to get your thoughts on a candidate.

Last Updated: 5/2/2019

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