How do I clone a job?

Cloning a job allows you to quickly copy the details, job analysis and job description for a position that you previously created. This is also known as "Using an Existing Profile" and "Refreshing". If you are hiring for a role you previously hired for, this allows you to open the same job again with just a couple of clicks! Step One:  When you create your job profile the first time around, make sure the box next to 'Other users in my account can clone this job' is checked in the 'Other Job Details' section of the job setup.

Quick Note: If you have a corporate hierarchy and you would like your location accounts to take advantage of any of the job profiles you build out in your account, make sure to have the 'Allow my locations and divisions to clone this job'. Without having this checked, your location accounts will not be able to see this in their existing job drop down when opening up a new profile

Step Two:  
Click on the 'Open a Job' tab on the navigation bar from any page in your account.
Step Three: Here, you will have your choice to either create a fresh job posting or use an existing. Click on the dropdown menu to select an existing job profile then click the arrow to continue on to the next step.

Step Four: Review the job details and description on this page to make any edits, click 'Next' once you're satisfied.
Step Five: Before opening your job, you'll be prompted to make edits to your Hiring Process. The steps included in this process will automatically populate based on the job you are copying from so you can either leave as-is or make edits. When you're good to go on the Hiring Process, click the 'Next' button. Step Six: The last step before opening the job is to preview it. On this page, you'll have the opportunity to review the job and it's setup prior to opening. When you're good to go, click the 'Finish' button.

The last step in the process before opening your job is to select the visibility level. You can choose to post it publicly, keep it hidden for internal applicants, or leaving in pending status for future use. If you choose to save for later, the job will be saved to your 'Pending' tab on your 'Jobs' tab.

To learn more about visibility levels, check out our other article!

Check out our how-to video here.

Last Updated:  11/12/2019

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