Can I schedule an interview through Hireology? How?

Yes!  You can easily schedule interviews through your Hireology account and add them to both your calendar and your candidate's calendar.

We have integrations with Outlook, iCal, Google, and Yahoo calendars to easily sync your Hireology account to your own calendar.

To start, invite your candidate to the interview by clicking on the 'Email' icon next to their name.  From the template dropdown menu, select the one of the templates that has 'Inquire About Availability' included in the title line.

Read over the content of the email to see if there are any changes you would like to make.  Once satisfied, click the 'Send Email' button to send the message to the candidate.

Once you click the 'Send Email' button, you'll be prompted to select whether or not you would like to mark the candidate as 'Contacted' in your Hiring Steps.  If you would like to update the status, select the radio button for the interview you would like to change then click the 'Update Status' button.  If this doesn't matter to you, click the 'Skip' button.

You'll see in your Selection Manager that the candidate's interview status changed from 'Schedule' to 'Contacted'.  This gives you an easy way to track who you emailed to get something on the books and who you have yet to get in touch with.

After your candidate has responded to you with the best date and time for the interview, start the scheduling process by clicking on the interview next to the candidate's name in your Selection Manager that you'd like to get on the books.

Once in your interview guide for this candidate, select your date, start and end times, and time zone.  Once all fields are filled out, click 'Schedule Interview'.

After you click 'Schedule Interview', a modal will appear for you to email a confirmation to the candidate of the interview time.  You'll notice in this email template, it gives the candidate the option to add this to their own calendar. After you're satisfied with the email message, click 'Send Email'.

Once the email is sent, you'll notice a status change on the interview guide as well as the interview date and time the interview is scheduled for under the 'Start Interview' button.

If you would like to sync this event with your calendar, click the 'Add to Calendar' button and select the calendar you use.

Your candidate's status will automatically update in your Selection Manager with the date and time the interview is scheduled as well.

Last Updated: 11/20/2017

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