How do I conduct an interview?

There are two different types of interview guides provided in every account. There is an 'Impressions Interview' and an 'Elements Interview'. The Impressions is commonly referred to as a phone screen and the Elements is more of a behavioral based interview. You always have the ability to run or conduct these interviews in your account. 

To get the interview started, find your candidate in the Selection Manager and then click on the 'Elements' interview button.

Once on the individual candidate's Elements Interview, click the 'Start Interview' button.

After you click on the 'Start Interview' button, you will have the ability to type candidate responses in the text boxes. Off to the lefthand side of the page, you'll also notice an additional notepad to type other notes as you go along or after the interview. You can also click the 'Resume' button to have the candidate's resume available to you as you are conducting the interview.

Once you start an interview for a candidate, you cannot go back and edit the guide if you see a question you would prefer not to ask.  However, we do give you the option to skip the question.  By doing this, you are telling the system to remove this question from scoring consideration.

We always recommend that if you skip a question for one candidate that you should skip that question for any other candidates being considered for the position.  This gives the candidate an even playing field and creates consistency with your hiring process.

Each question will have it's own scoring component, we suggest waiting to score the interview until the interview is completely finished and the candidate has left the building.

You will score the candidate's response 'Excellent', 'Good', 'Ok', or 'Poor' based on how well you think they handled the question.

We want you to be able to see what really makes a candidate successful in this role, more to come on that when we get to the overall scoring component.

After you have completed and scored the interview, click 'Finish And Score Interview' to see how your candidate faired.

Your candidate will be scored 'Low Risk', 'Moderate Risk', or 'High Risk' based on the composite score of all individual questions.

You will also be given a visual representation of where the candidate fell on the scoring spectrum, once completed.

Once everything is said and done, the scoring of the interview along with the candidate's responses will be saved in your Hireology account.  You will be able to see the candidate's score in your Selection Manager along with all other candidates still being considered.

Last Updated: 11/14/2017

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