How do I edit my hiring process?

To start editing your Hiring Process, you will first need to find the job you wish to update your process for and click the 'Edit' button (pen & pencil icon) from your 'Jobs' tab.

Clicking the 'Edit' icon will automatically redirect you to the Job Setup page for this particular position, you can skip this page, unless there are updates you would like to make to the job description and locations. Otherwise, click the 'Next' button to get to the 'Hiring Process' page.

You should now be on the Hiring Process page. Here, you can add steps, remove steps, move steps around, and make edits to your survey or interview guides.

Add Steps: Click the 'Add hiring step' button > Select your step from the dropdown menu
Remove Steps: Click the red 'X' next to the step
Move Step: Click the green dots on the lefthand side of the step > Drag and drop to the new position
Edit Step: Click the pencil icon

Once you're satisfied, click either 'Save & Exit' or 'Next' button to save your changes.

Last Updated:  8/22/2017

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