What do the different candidate sources mean?

A candidate has many different avenues they can take to find your open job in an effort to apply.  We will record these sources in your account for reporting purposes so you can understand where your best and brightest candidates are coming from.

Here is a list as well as definitions for each of the most common sources:
  • indeed.com - Indeed's main website, organic listing
  • apply.indeed.com - the candidate used Indeed Apply to submit their application
  • linkedin.com - Linkedin's main website
  • organic.linkedin.com - Linkedin's free job board
  • glassdoor.com - Glassdoor's website
  • internal - this was a candidate that was added to your account manually
  • direct - the candidate came directly to your job, they did not come from a website or an email Hireology generated
  • referral - a hiring manager from within your account used the 'Share via Email' button and added the candidate to the job through the email
Each candidate will have the source listed on their Report Card and on the job page. You can also see high level reporting for your most common sources within your Insights.

Last Updated: 5/3/2019

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