How do I begin the Onboarding process for my new hire?

Now that you've hired your perfect candidate, it's time to collect their Onboarding documents. If you have Onboarding included in your Hireology subscription, all it takes is a few clicks to collect all of the documents necessary to get your new hire started.

(Don''t have Onboarding and want to learn more? Check out our website.)

To start, you'll first need to mark your candidate has hired in your Selection Manager. You can do this by clicking the 'Hire' button and then the date you've extended the offer from the calendar.

Now that you've marked your candidate as 'Hired' in your account, you'll be able to kickstart the Onboardng process.

Next, click over to the 'Onboarding' tab from your navigation bar.

Now that you're on the 'Onboarding' tab, click the 'Begin Onboarding' button next to the new hire you'd like to start the process for.

The next step is to select a Start Date and a Process for this candidate. (If you're not sure what steps are included with a specific process before you send the invitation off to your candidate, you can preview it in the box below the process selection dropdown.)

Once you've selected the Start Date and the Process, click 'Begin Onboarding' to send the invitation to your new hire.

That's it! Your new hire will receive an email to complete the process and fill in their information.

Last Updated: 8/14/2017

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