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  1. Video Library 

    1. How-To Video: Navigating Hireology
    2. How-To Video: Customizing the Application
    3. How-To Video: Customizing the PreScreen Survey
    4. How-To Video: Customizing the Interview Guides
    5. How-To Video: Setting Your Timezone
  2. Account 

    1. Which internet browsers work best with the Hireology platform?
    2. Upgrade/Downgrade my Hireology Account
    3. The Hireology Mobile App Getting Started Guide
    4. Setting up your Hireology // Compligo Integration
    5. Setting up your Hireology // BambooHR Integration
  3. Background Checks 

    1. Can I resend Background Check emails to my candidate?
    2. What does the candidate authorization process look like for background checks?
    3. What do the background check statuses mean?
    4. How do I order background checks?
    5. I'm ordering a background check for the first time, what do I need to do to get started?
  4. Candidate Management 

    1. How do I know which job site my candidate applied from?
    2. Can I still send a rejection letter to someone I've already moved to Inactive?
    3. Can I tell if a candidate applied to other positions in my account?
    4. Can I mass email my candidates?
    5. Can I mass reject candidates?
  5. Career Site 

    1. How do I change the color of the font on my widget?
    2. What are some best practices for my career site content?
    3. How do I change the order in which my open jobs appear on my widget?
    4. Can I change my career page URL?
    5. Can I integrate Hireology into my company's career page on our website? How?
  6. Customization 

    1. How do I create/edit email templates?
    2. How do I customize the application?
    3. Can I edit the interview guides?
    4. Can I delete email templates?
    5. How do I edit my hiring process?
  7. Disposition Codes 

    1. Does Hireology offer disposition codes?
    2. How do I turn disposition codes on/off?
    3. Can I require my users to use a disposition code whenever a candidate is rejected?
    4. Will a candidate see the reason why I'm no longer considering them if I use a disposition code?
    5. How do I customize my disposition codes?
  8. Interviews 

    1. Can I use Hireology to schedule interviews on my own calendar?
    2. Can I take notes while I'm conducting an interview?
    3. How do I conduct an interview?
    4. How do I reschedule an interview in my account?
    5. Can I schedule an interview through Hireology? How?
  9. Job Boards 

    1. How to Get Your Hireology Jobs on the Indeed Organic & Sponsored Feeds
    2. Meeting Indeed Search Quality Standards
    3. Job Board Visibility Best Practices
    4. How do I get my jobs seen on Google?
    5. What job boards can I post my job to?
  10. Jobs 

    1. How do I edit my job profile?
    2. How do I clone a job?
    3. Can I use Hireology for internal openings?
    4. How do I close a job?
    5. How do I open a new job profile?
  11. Onboarding 

    1. How do I begin the Onboarding process for my new hire?
    2. How do I check the status of a candidate's Onboarding?
    3. How do I access the data from a new hire's Onboarding?
    4. Where can I see the steps included in my Onboarding process?
    5. Can I change my Onboarding process? How?
  12. Ordering 

    1. Can I order testing for someone who is not in my candidate pool?
    2. I ordered tests/assessments/checks for my candidate, what kind of email should I tell them to look out for?
    3. Can I view testing results within my Hireology account?
    4. I ordered hard skills tests on my candidate. Now what?
    5. How do I order hards skills testing on my candidate?
  13. Post Hire Check-in 

    1. What is the Post Hire Check-in?
    2. Where do I access the information I fill out on the Post Hire survey?
  14. Prescreen Survey 

    1. Can I tell which question(s) my candidate answered incorrectly on the Prescreen Survey?
    2. Can I resend a Prescreen survey email to a candidate? How?
    3. Can I edit the Prescreen Survey? How?
    4. How do I turn off the Prescreen Survey?
    5. What do the different statuses for the Prescreen Survey mean?
  15. Selection Manager 

    1. Where can I find the candidate's resume?
    2. Can I manually add a candidate?
    3. How can I invite someone to apply to my job directly?
    4. How do I change a candidate's status?
    5. What do the little green numbers on my ‘Applicants’ and/or ‘Candidates’ tab mean?
  16. SkillSurvey 

    1. How do I order reference checks?
    2. How do I know if a candidate's reference check has been completed?
    3. I ordered a SkillSurvey on my candidate. Now what?
    4. Can I see the status of a candidate's reference check in my account?
    5. Can other people receive the email status updates for SkillSurvey?
  17. SMS - Text Messaging 

    1. Why can't I send text messages to some of my candidates?
    2. Sending & Receiving Applicant Text Messages
    3. Text Message Templates - Creating & Editing
    4. Using Text Message Templates
    5. Mass Texting
  18. Users 

    1. How do I add a user to my Hireology account?
    2. Reset Another User's Password
    3. How do I add someone to the hiring team for a job?
    4. I am a corporate account admin, how can I log into my location accounts?
    5. What do the different user permissions mean?
  19. All articles 

    1. How do I add a user to my Hireology account?
    2. How do I create/edit email templates?
    3. Can I resend Background Check emails to my candidate?
    4. How do I know which job site my candidate applied from?
    5. Where can I find the candidate's resume?

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